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Real Estate Law

Buy land. They're not making it anymore.  - Mark Twain

Commercial real estate poses even greater risks to the transacting parties given the increased liability to both. Arizona courts deem both parties to be sophisticated; that is both are equally capable of understanding any contractual obligations to which they may be bound as part of the transaction. This affords them fewer protections than those available during a residential transaction and thus it becomes more important to have a real estate attorney assist throughout the process.


Real estate attorneys provide several services to clients that range from the drafting and review of the purchase contract early in the transaction to negotiating price and repairs during the transaction, and even resolving disputes many years after closing. More importantly, working with an attorney early in the transaction can potentially prevent problems from occurring.

At DLG, we know how important it is that your transaction closes smoothly, and that any disputes are resolved as painlessly as possible. We will provide useful advice and work diligently to help you reach your goal. If you have any questions regarding a real estate matter you're contending with, please don't hesitate to contact us.

Real estate law generally pertains to those civil laws which regulate the purchase, sale, and use of land. It is a broad field of practice that commonly deals with residential, commercial, landlord and tenant, and homeowners' association matters.


Dagenhart Law Group's real estate practice can leverage experience in residential and commercial real estate matters to help clients plan transactions, close deals, and resolve disputes involving, but not limited to:

  • Purchases and Sales

  • Contractor and Supplier Disputes

    • Defective Workmanship, Construction Defect​

  • Financing

    • Conventional, FHA or VA, Hard Money, Seller Carryback

  • Disclosure and Title Issues

  • Landlord-tenant Matters

    • Leasing, Evictions, Fair Debt Collection​

  • Homeowners Associations

    • HOA and ​Member Disputes, Directors' Training

  • Real Estate Development

    • Ground Leases, Zoning and Land Use

Suburban Homes
Suburban House

While its commonly said that a home purchase is the single largest investment one will make in their lifetime, the fact that a real estate transaction is also complex and poses significant risks is often left unsaid. Whether you're a first-time home buyer, an experienced real estate investor, or an expanding enterprise in need of extra space, unexpected issues can pose serious problems. 


Disputes may present during the transaction, such as those that arise during the buyer's due diligence period, or even years after closing. Deed restrictions are said to "run with the land" meaning the restriction isn't lifted upon a change in ownership and can create headaches many years after a transaction.

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