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Business Law

Business Law

Informed. Strategic. Effective.

Establishing, operating, and protecting your business all require the navigation of an increasingly complex system of federal, state, and local legislation. At DLG, we assist our clients to work through those complexities and achieve their objectives by providing clear, concise, and comprehensive legal advice. While this can involve dispute resolution, we try to serve as deal makers by working to prevent disputes from arising in the first place. We work together with our clients to develop a comprehensive understanding of their business objectives in order to provide the most effective counsel possible.

Client needs change over the life of the organization. Formation concerns are more important in the early stages of an enterprise, while contact disputes or compliance with rules governing capital formation may be more relevant at later stages. DLG is well-positioned to assist business clients in these areas where the development of long-term relationships with clients allows for relevant insight into clients' needs, and this allows for the more effective application of useful subject matter expertise to realize favorable resolutions. 

Whether the client is an individual looking to start a business for the first time, a small enterprise, or a mid-size corporation, DLG caters to clients of various sizes and complexity. However, for new entrepreneurs or existing enterprises looking for help with retroactive organization, we also provide a spectrum of business planning services and advice regarding, for example, legal entity structure, development and drafting of business plans and related operating agreements, as well as compliance with corporate formalities.

Support Across a Broad Array of Issues

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DLG's Business Law practice primarily encompasses transactional issues and the provision of business planning services. We provide our corporate clients with versatile support across a range of matters including, but not limited to:

  • Formation or dissolution of entities;

  • The purchase, sale, or merging of business entities;

  • The negotiation, drafting, and litigation of various contracts;

  • Non-compete and non-disclosure agreements;

  • Real estate, land use, and leasing disputes;

  • Compliance with federal and state securities laws;

  • Employment matters (employment contracts, handbooks, severance negotiation, etc.);

  • Licensing agreements;

  • Share or asset purchase agreements

General Counsel

Many companies employ an in-house legal team led by General Counsel, an attorney who oversees the legal department and plays an integral support role to various other departments within the organization. Operating as a sort of generalist, the General Counsel may be called upon to review, negotiate, and draft a contract, advise on risk management issues, or deal with an employment law matter. The presence of an in-house legal team can save time in resolving certain legal matters while reducing reliance on outside counsel and therefore legal expenses. In-house legal teams however are a distinct cost center that some companies may lack the capacity to effectively support.


The reality is that at some point all companies, regardless of size, are likely to encounter legal issues that call for the assistance of an attorney. Without an in-house legal team, this necessitates an investment of time and resources into vetting, retaining, and ultimately working with outside counsel that will have little to no relevant institutional knowledge of a company’s unique operational dynamic.

To address this need, DLG provides general counsel services to clients on an as-needed basis through a subscription plan or as part of a bespoke package tailored to the clients' unique needs. In addition to legal advice, subscribers also receive document review services, discounts on expanded service offerings, and may elect to receive management consulting services at a discounted rate. The subscription plan establishes an ongoing relationship that enables DLG to employ a proactive approach that better mitigates clients’ risks and yields a more efficient delivery of legal services tailored to clients’ needs. The provided advice can cover various topics of interest such as fiduciary duties, officer responsibilities, corporate governance, and even general business and compliance matters.

If you or your business are currently in need of legal assistance or simply have questions, please don't hesitate to contact us. We would be happy to help.

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